Saved By the Bell is the 90s kids’ show about a lovable group of high school students who find themselves in all kinds of wacky situations. In one such episode, a hunky substitute arrives after the school’s drama teacher falls ill. He captivates all the girls through their study of Romeo and Juliette, much to the displeasure of the boys. The episode is chock-full of Shakespeare puns and one-liners. One of the best is from the show’s main character and habitual troublemaker, Zack Morris: “Hey, and I’ve found this romantic dude who’s gonna help me win Kelly’s heart: Rap Master Will Shakespeare.”

With Saved By the Bell, you either love it or hate it. If you’re from my generation, there’s a good chance you love it. This show is one of the many loves that bond my husband and me. We figured that out pretty quickly on our first date. As an English teacher, Shakespeare is something he teaches quite a bit. I had the idea to create this letterpress poster as an anniversary gift for his classroom. Using all wood type, I first printed the quote in yellow from Hamlet. On the second pass, I printed the Zack Morris quote in blue. The perfect marriage of two of my husbands favorites!